7 Training Tips for Trade Show Booth Staff

Unfortunately, not everyone that staffs a trade show booth understands what is required of them to staff it properly.  There should always be a pre-show meeting prior to a trade show, especially for a larger booth, where there are more staff members on the floor at the same time.  Part of the pre-show meeting should include booth staff training.

This strategy is important not only for the seasoned staff, but also for the newbies.  By training both seasoned and newbies it shows that we are all part of the same team.  My belief is that on the show floor, there are no levels, we are all equal and on the same playing field — we all pitch in as a team to make the show a success.

There are the basic rules such as:

1.  No eating or drinking in the booth (except bottled water with cap that can’t be spilled if bottle falls).  Lose the gum and choose mints instead for fresh breath.

2.  No talking on your cell phone or texting.  If you have to take an emergency call step away from the booth.  Not in the aisle a foot away, but physically go away from the booth.

3.  Smile!  This is a no-brainer, but sometimes I have seen staff with scowls on their faces.  Think of something hysterically funny to yourself and you will automatically have a smile without having to force it.  And, its fun to do!

4.  Qualify your prospective visitor by asking a few engaging questions:  What attracted them to your booth….Are they familiar with your products….What company do they work for?….Do they have the final say on buying?

5. Create a shift schedule so that their are enough breaks to allow a staffer to be fresh and alert on the floor.  Please be respectful of other staffers and be prompt with the time you need to show up for your shift.

6.  Do not form a little circle with other booth staffers and have private conversations during show hours.  This is most uninviting to anyone walking by.  Also, do not have your back to the aisle, facing the aisle is inviting!

7.  If you are facing the aisle, please don’t stand with your arms crossed as if you are bored out of your skull.  Smile and have your arms to your sides.

These tips should help your next trade show go alot smoother for all the booth staff.

This is what teamwork is really all about.

Cheers,  Suzanne

Suzanne Axt



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